Health, Safety & Environment

Policy Statement


Our views on Health, Safety and Environment extend well beyond any stated policy. They are reflected in our values, our beliefs, and how we conduct our business. Every worker has the obligation to ensure GT Drilling’s health and safety objectives are met without fail, by everyone on our work sites every day. We also believe we are accountable to protect the environment in which we operate with minimal disturbance or impact to the surroundings.

We will achieve this by:
  • Commitment by management is visible by regularly conducting on site audits and improvement plans to provide the safest work sites possible, and approachable by all.
  • Implementation of safe work systems and procedures. Alongside our employees, we will develop sound, practical and consistent procedures to ensure that all understand that there is no room for deviation, and the best way to do a job is the right way.
  • Communicating openly and effectively with all employees, subcontractors and the communities impacted by our work to help them understand the work we do and the inherent risks associated with it.
  • Developing talent and measuring the performance of our people from the moment they join GT Drilling. We offer our workers rewarding careers built on a foundation of good communication, mentorship, task specific training and risk recognition/mitigation.
  • Assessing risks and identifying condition or behaviour which put our workers at risk. Correcting “At Risk” conditions and behaviours will ensure our workers are engaged and truly subscribe to the principle that all accidents are preventable.
  • Planning and preparing for emergencies by raising the level of preparedness,we will ensure the impact of any incident is minimized through structured drills and training.
  • Learning from incidents by conducting investigations, carefully analyzing root causes and adopting preventative measures.
  • Review of our HSE Management System to ensure we exceed the requirements and expectations of legislators, clients and more importantly- ourselves.
  • Protecting our new workers by providing orientations, training, mentoring and performance measurement.

Success at GT Drilling will always include safety excellence. Working safe is not a choice; it is a condition of employment. We will strive to be the best at what we do and we will need a total commitment from every employee to ensure that we are meeting our goal of zero harm. With your continued focus, we will achieve our goal.