GranTex Drilling

GranTex Drilling is a privately held Oil & Gas Drilling Contractor that provides onshore contract drilling services to exploration, production, and disposal companies in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.  In business since 2010, GranTex Drilling is striving to provide the U.S. Oil and Gas Industry the experience of stellar service and increased efficiency.  GranTex wants to be your first choice when it comes to oil and gas drilling.

The management team was born and raised in the Midland area and has worked in and around the oil patch for many years.  GranTex Drilling knows how to work through challenging projects with effective communication and solution management. The team of drilling professionals are ready to serve you with safety oriented procedures, outstanding problem-solving skills and an impeccable work ethic.

GranTex will share it’s expertise with exploration teams, extraction teams, and all other types of oil and gas operators to accamodate a successful drilling program and forge long-lasting relationships. No project is too small or too great, and no problem is too daunting for us to tackle.  GranTex will strive to exceed their customer’s expectations of safety, drilling performance, problem resolution, and customer satisfaction on all drilling projects.

GranTex Drilling wants to be your first choice when it comes to oil and gas drilling.  GranTex believes in the philosophy to always be “The Best Getting Better.”