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GT Drilling is a drilling contractor operating in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. GT’s Canadian fleet consists of 9 efficient moving drilling rigs with depth capacities ranging from 2200 to 4500 meters. Fleet make up is four integrated top drive range III singles and five highly mobile Telescoping doubles.

Our mission is to provide premium service by using efficient equipment crewed by professionals who pride themselves on working safely while maximizing productivity and minimizing costs.


GT Drilling is dedicated to it’s workforce, supporting all aspects of safety and training.  Our employees are provided with the training and support required to carry out their duties safely, efficiently and professionally.  We pride ourselves in providing all required support by way of mentoring, coaching and ‘our employees come first’ vision.  This process ensures our people will be able to identify the risks and hazards associated with the job, and also ensure day to day operations are carried out in a professional and efficient manner. Through our commitment to various training programs and consistent practices, we strive for excellence within our team.